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Hi, thanks for dropping by. My name is Roger Cox. I am an amateur wildlife photographer and nature enthusiast living approximately three miles from the City of London in the East End.

This website is more than just a place for my pictures. It's also a site for nature lovers, fellow nature photographers and those who care enough to help and encourage wildlife wherever it happens to be.

The of the aim of this site isn't soley to get my work noticed but to raise awareness for the variety of wildlife that can be seen on our streets and doorsteps. At the same time, however, I'd like your experience of this site to be as user-friendly as possible. So if you do see anything lacking in that regard, then do let me know via the Contact page menu tab on the left. Thank you.
Much of my photography revolves around the plight of wild animals and plants surviving not only in the streets and gardens of some of the most urbanised boroughs of our Capital but on farms, nature reserves, green spaces and zoos as well as local and national parks.
 Despite the efforts of organisations and trusts, the UK is undergoing a decline in its biodiversity. As the demand for jobs and housing as well as food and fuel production continues to rise, the economic pressures for growth and industry that inevitably result in more land use, traffic and pollution is still having a detrimental effect on many of our wild plants and animals.
Remarkably much of our urban and suburban wildlife owes its presence to the actions of ordinary people who are helping to stop some of that decline in a "niche movement" of personal initiatives ranging from bat boxes to bee keeping, as well as the planting of wild flowers in green spaces. So in a bid to promote the value of nature, it’s hoped that this website will interest you enough to show your own appreciation and support those remaining fragments of the natural world that can still found around us.
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