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Neighbourhood Watch

At first glance a city enviroment may not appear very hospitable towards wildlife. Yet for the animals and plants struggling to cope with the pollution, noise, lighting and traffic, cities are proving to be ideal places for some of the more resilient ones to thrive. Since they offer such a plentiful supply of food and shelter with far less predation and persecution, it's easy to think of birds like feral pigeons as commonplace and uninteresting, yet so dependant now are they on our bad habits and habitat, they're virtually extinct from our countryside!
A scarcity of wildlife anywhere in the world should be cause enough for us to value it. However as town and city dwellers our interaction with nature is not only difficult to order but almost impossible to balance. For where there are no rats, there are no foxes and where there are no pigeons, no peregrine falcons either. So whatever species we choose to help, ignore or control on our streets it's important to remember that they're part of a fragile ecosystem that's as unique and diverse as the towns and cities we live in.
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