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Park Life

Across the UK are hundreds of protected sites near or within towns and cities that not only offer us the chance to escape the bustle of life, but to also experience a surprisingly rich variety of wildlife. Nature Reserves are havens for wild animals and plants that would otherwise come into conflict with humans, else predation from domestic cats or dog attacks on vulnerable plant, bird and mammal populations.
 In places where jobs, housing and land are endlessly at a premium the importance of preserving the natural world can sometimes be overlooked. A nature park in your town or city may not have the same prestige or appeal as a Safari park in Africa, but think how much poorer our lives would be without so much as hearing the buzz of a bee or the blissful sound of a bird singing? The beauty of conserving urban biodiversity is that it not only provides a much needed home for wildlife, but essentially it gives us a small piece of nature we can all still enjoy.
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