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POTM Calendar

The Photo Of The Month Calendar is a year round gallery of selected nature images and stories with contributions from fellow photographers and friends.
 When it comes to nature photography, it's not only those fascinating tales of high adventure that often accompany talent and skill for a fabulous result. If a picture is truly worth more than a thousand words then a well-timed shot, or a well framed one, can say just as much about you as a photographer too! So if you'd like to showcase one of your pictures here, free for one calendar month with a short story on how you managed to come by it, then this page is for you.

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Two Hearts In Swan by Graham Snell
Lea Valley Park, Turnford
I was walking alongside one of the ponds in Lea  Valley Park at Turnford one afternoon with my Nikon D5000. I was looking...

With seven places now available for 2018, the POTM Calendar is now closed until June the 15th.

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A Kodak Moment by Roger Cox
Ashurst, Southampton

Ferrets are a domesticated breed of polecat. Which is why a wildlife park is the last place one would expect to find them. Unfortunately, as cute as they may be, they’re far from ideal as household pets. As well as being highly sociable and inquisitive, they’re mainly active at night; excellent climbers, and like all good mustelids, love to scent-mark their territory with a pungent odour. Ergo, not the sort of live-in companion you’d want around your crockery, clothing or linen for too long! Which explains why all the ferrets at the NFWP were either donated by their previous owners, or rescued from them.
  These two loveable-unloveables (now serving as contrast exhibits opposite some true polecats) had just woken up after one of their basket companions had to be removed for treatment. As they raised their heads with the sleep still in their eyes, I could literally see their curiousty come alive. One with an "is-it-time-to-eat?" look on its face, and the other no doubt wondering if it was time to play. I know, its hardly captive wildlife photography, but ahh! What a Kodak Moment.  
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