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POTM Calendar

The Photo Of The Month Calendar is a year round gallery of selected nature images and stories with contributions from fellow photographers and friends.
 When it comes to nature photography, it's not only those fascinating tales of high adventure that often accompany talent and skill for a fabulous result. If a picture is truly worth more than a thousand words then a well-timed shot, or a well framed one, can say just as much about you as a photographer too! So if you'd like to showcase one of your pictures here, free for one calendar month with a short story on how you managed to come by it, then this page is for you.

A Sting in the Tale by Roger Cox
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, London

Walking around my local nature reserve, I came across a busy wasp nest along a poorly lit pathway leading to the other side of the park. As I paused to watch the commuter traffic of its workers, inbound and out, a challenging thought, if not idiotic idea occurred to me.
 A week later I was back wearing face protection and a thick body-warmer with camera gear in tow. Setting up was awkward at best. I had to get close enough to the entrance of the nest without blocking the flight path of the wasps or inadvertently sending them into a frenzy. Still, it’s a keen photographer who rushes in where fools fear to tread. So with the lens manually focused at a fixed distance; I began to take thousands of shots via remote control in the hope that one or two at least would find their target. Surprisingly, things turned out better than expected. In fact, it was my jubilance in the result that led to my undoing. In joyful haste to sit and count the score, I failed to notice a wasp crawling up my left arm into the shoulder gap of my body-warmer. It happened when I stood up, no doubt causing the insect to become trapped between my clothing, that I suddenly felt the full effect of its presence (Aarrgh!) OK, the shoot had gone well, so I suppose there had to be a sting in the tale somewhere. I just didn’t expect it to be so painful and in the back of my shoulder!
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