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POTM Calendar

The Photo Of The Month Calendar is a year round gallery of selected nature images and stories with contributions from fellow photographers and friends.
 When it comes to nature photography, it's not only those fascinating tales of high adventure that often accompany talent and skill for a fabulous result. If a picture is truly worth more than a thousand words then a well-timed shot, or a well framed one, can say just as much about you as a photographer too! So if you'd like to showcase one of your pictures here, free for one calendar month with a short story on how you managed to come by it, then this page is for you.

The Big Mouth
Regents Park, London

In my opinion gulls, much like rats and pigeons, are a much neglected subject. So when I failed to see any of the photo friendly grey herons around the boating lake in Regents Park, I thought, why not? I mean, what else was I supposed to do with all those sprats I brought along specially for them!
   On seeing me as a mark for an easy meal, the first thing this young herring gull did was to lower it’s head and then raise it with a long loud repetitive territorial squawk! Challenging dozens birds, including fellow juveniles, crows, coots and black-headed gulls. An attitude fanciful enough for me  to feed it all the more for its temerity and accessibility. What character this bird had. It wouldn’t stop squawking after every fish swallowed, so I couldn’t help wondering why it choose to tell all and sundry where the best food for it in the park was. Surely it would have been easier for it to quietly throw it’s weight around instead calling in more birds to contend with. Still, it did have the aggression to back up its claims of being cock of the flock, but what a big mouth to say so, which made it all the more difficult to isolate for this shot without the other birds around it, or interested parties in the background.
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