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POTM Calendar

The Photo Of The Month Calendar is a year round gallery of selected nature images and stories with contributions from fellow photographers and friends.
 When it comes to nature photography, it's not only those fascinating tales of high adventure that often accompany talent and skill for a fabulous result. If a picture is truly worth more than a thousand words then a well-timed shot, or a well framed one, can say just as much about you as a photographer too! So if you'd like to showcase one of your pictures here, free for one calendar month with a short story on how you managed to come by it, then this page is for you.

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Your Events Space

With nine places now available for 2018, the WiNZ POTM Calendar is now closed until March the 16th. To learn more about posting events here under a POTM agreement, see our terms of use page where you can submit your photo (with story) during the last two weeks of every month.
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Chances with Wolves
New Forest Wildlife Park, Ashurst, Southampton

Captive wildlife can be just as arduous and problematic to photograph as any subject in the wild. Albeit without the dangers of a close encounter with an apex predator like the grey wolf; one of the top exhibits at the New Forest Wildlife Park. Being reluctant to make public appearances, even at feeding time, the wolves there can be as elusive as any in the wild. It took me four visits just to see one, and for a brief moment at that. However, they did make three short showings on the day I managed this portrait of a pack member. It was a freezing-cold afternoon, made all the more difficult by a three hour wait! Perhaps it was the noise of workmen in the neighbouring pen or all the press attention from the spectators that kept them out of sight, but I did manage to get this picture after missing this very pose in the same spot thirty minutes earlier! Wildlife rarely gives you a second chance with a slice of its time, so getting this shot was something I could only have dreamt of until this wolf magically re-appeared where I wanted it to be.
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