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The beauty of nature photography is that it can become "surprise photography," capturing some rare and unusual moments that are well-worth sharing. The Photo Of The Month Gallery is an annual collection of images and accounts with like-minded enthusiasts who were kind enough to share their more inspirational moments on the PotM Calendar.
January 2024

Lar Lar Land by Roger Cox
The Lake District Wildlife Park, Keswick, Cumbria
In ancient China, when King Chuang-Wang of the Chou dynasty lost his gibbon, he ordered an entire forest to be laid waste to find it. How successful this drastic action was in recovering his favourite pet isn’t clear. But the destruction was to echo a distant warning for many of S.E. Asia’s remarkable forest-dwelling animals like the now-endangered lar gibbon.   
 Lar Gibbons have the most extensive north-south range of all the gibbons, stretching from Northern Indonesia to Thailand – the territorial limit to their resounding hoots and howls, which sadly, are no longer heard across the Thai border with China, where that ancient edict of King Chuang-Wang appears to have transcended the boundaries of time and place to the rain forests of Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar for roads, cattle, agriculture, logging, and palm oil plantations.
 To add to their plight, adult lars are poached for their meat, with any surviving babies taken for the illegal pet trade. Hence, many like this one at The Lake District Wildlife Park end up in zoos, spending too much time sitting on flat surfaces and walking bipedally with their arms raised above their heads for balance. However, in their native environment, they rarely come to the ground – a dream life for those in captivity, but with much of their habitat now gone, where else can these arboreal primates see themselves howling whilst freely brachiating[i] from tree to tree, except within the blissful realms, of la la land.

[i] locomotion accomplished by swinging the arms from one hold to another.

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