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Photo of the Month Gallery
Comprised of nature images courtesy of contributors to the Photo of the Month Calendar. Photo courtesy of Dave Savva, Alchemy Street Film Making for Communication and Interaction.
Subject to terms, the PotM is open to any photographer wishing to advertise their name, work or website here for free! Places are offered on a first come first served basis and the number of places available for the year as well as submission times can all be found in the scrolling column of the PotM Calendar page. To learn more about showing one of your nature images please visit our PotM Terms of Use page.
The Wild, Wild East
Painstakingly shot over a period of five years on a nature reserve in Tower Hamlets, captured by means of camouflage, bait and remote camera shutter control. It includes a number of favourite subjects that became less camera shy and more camera friendly as the years went by.
Bites and Stings
Ever tried to photograph invertebrates in a field on a warm sunny day? Sit in the grass long enough and you’ll soon discover the prickle of thistles, the pain of nettles and the bites and stings of ants, bees, wasps, beetles, mosquito’s and a host of other flies. There are all sorts of spiders to contend with too!
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