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Our National Birds
Photo of the Month Gallery
The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland has a slew of national emblems yet has only recently caught up with the rest of the world by electing an official national bird. As described by the word "United," our nation is a union of one territory and three constituent countries, each with its dialect, customs and quirks that shape and define what it means to be British. Here, we not only identify all four lands with four birds representing aspects of our regional and national character, but briefly examine our history with each to show how much we now care for and value our wildlife.
Nature and wildlife images courtesy of contributors to the Photo of the Month Calendar. Subject to terms, the PotM is open to any photographer wishing to advertise their name, work or website here for free! Places are offered on a first-come, first served basis, and the number of places available for the year as well as submission times can all be found in the scrolling column on the PotM Calendar page. To learn more about showing one of your nature images, see our PotM Terms of Use page.
Front, Back and Centre
Preserving wildlife for ecotourism and photography is by no means cheap. Whether you're a happy snapper or an award-winning professional, pictures taken from a commercial hide or Safari holiday come at a high cost when considering booking fees, travel expenses, hiring a guide, or insuring your equipment. Even amateur enthusiasts need a way of making their day-to-day photography sustainable. One method of doing so is by using publishing software to improve one's chances of a consumer goal. With the right words, a front cover can say it all, while a centrefold can show it all, creating a sales driver image to unlock the selling potential of any book, brochure or magazine. Front, Back and Centre is a gallery mock-up of where every serious photographer would like their work to be. Saleable, in print and widely distributed. It's also a place to show how images can be interpreted and utilised to further a demand for more of one's work.
The Wild, Wild East
Bites and Stings
Painstakingly shot over five years on a nature reserve in Tower Hamlets, captured by camouflage, bait and remote camera shutter control. It includes some favourite subjects that became less camera-shy and more camera friendly as the years flew by.
Have you ever tried photographing invertebrates in a field on a warm sunny day? Sit in the grass long enough, and you’ll soon discover the prickle of thistles, the pain of nettles and the bites and stings of ants, bees, wasps, beetles, mosquitoes and other flies. There are all sorts of spiders to contend with too!
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