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Conserving wildlife for ecotourism and photography is by no means cheap. Whether you're a happy snapper or an award-winning professional, pictures taken from a commercial hide or Safari holiday adventure come at a significant cost when you take in account booking fees, travel expenses, using a guide or insuring your equipment. Even amateur enthusiasts need a way of making their day-to-day photography sustainable. One method of doing so is by the creative use of publishing software to improve one's chances of a consumer goal.
"Magazine" is a gallery mock-up of where every serious photographer would like their work to be. Saleable, in print and widely distributed. It's also a place to show how images can be interpreted and utilised to further the demand for more of one's work.
Whilst the front cover says it all, the centrefold shows it all. So, with a modicum of words and the right picture to match, it's possible to create a sales driver image to unlock the selling potential of any book or brochure.
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