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Park Life
A portrait series of fauna, taken in green spaces and nature parks highlighting the success of nature reserves now common to many of our towns and cities. Urban biodiversity is only possible through a proportionate use of land for development with places reserved for recreation and wildlife. The same is true of any garden. So if you're fortunate enough to have one, hanging a bird feeder; digging a pond or planting some wild flowers are excellent ways to help sustain that biodiversity all from your own backyard! If you’d like to know more about the wildlife where you live then why not pay a visit to your local nature reserve. They're great places to learn about the kind of animals you might want to attract to your own garden or personal green space.
Zoo Photography
Now a far cry from the animal prisons of old, the modern zoo has become our last line of defence against animal extinction. Captive wildlife conservation, however, is costly. The average annual feed and care bill for one giant panda is almost £160,000 per annum! Most organisations and trusts involved in the rescue and research of endangered wildlife rely heavily on charitable donations and the help of volunteers. Sadly, for an ever growing number of threatened animals and plants a visit to a zoo or sanctuary is now all that’s making the difference to the life, or death, of their entire species! So do try to support your local zoo. They’re great places for closer animal encounters and some nice photo opportunities too.
Plants and Wild Flowers
Yes, uncultivated plants are wildlife too! Unfortunately throughout spring and summer vast numbers of them quickly perish from an extensive use of lawnmowers and herbicides. Unwanted or not, untended foliage much like trees that protrude onto private property, are not simply weeds. Plants are essential to ecosystems. Due to their transpiration abilities they’re the natural regulators of fresh water on land. Even their roots play a vital role in helping to prevent soil erosion. On the whole, they provide us with food and medicine as well as the air we breathe. Many of their flowers are unquestionably beautiful and highly photogenic, as well as entirely defenceless against any desire we might have to harm them. So please don’t pick or destroy them unnecessarily. Thank you.
Nature and Landscapes
With so much to behold in the complexity of a butterfly's wing or the cascades and swirling eddies of a waterfall, its little wonder we have such a huge fascination for the natural world! Our eyes are designed to detect patterns in whatever we see. Virtually everything in nature has the potential for a stirring or unusual image, none more so than those of the weather. Fickle in its light and cloud formations, it can vary in minutes from a violent thunderstorm over a turbulent tide to a clear blue horizon followed by a golden sunset! So what better way to enjoy the spectacular power of nature over some remarkable landscapes than from a selection of images not just in the raw and abstract but in the heat, damp and the cold of its elements too?
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